Playa Court Campus


Culver City, CA
Creative Office Core and Shell
46,000 SF
Construction Documents
Project Team
Trevor Abramson, FAIA
Douglas Teiger, AIA
Bjorn Schrader, Dipl-Ing, LEED AP
Michael Lindell
Proey Liao
Ji Won Nam


The client purchased two separate warehouse buildings that are divided by a parking lot. They approached the ATA team to stylistically associate the two buildings and convert them into a singular workplace campus. This involves the creation of an architectural identity that would bind the buildings into one distinct complex.

The architects implemented windowed walls that would let natural light in. A mezzanine floor was added to increase the usable square footage. An assortment of rooms and spaces were configured to offer versatility to future tenants and their potential working styles – light and dark, big and small, private and public.


The ATA team designed a bold façade made of perforated red screens. Perforation permits air flow and slight transparency while providing privacy. The panels are corrugated to provide structural stability in addition to adding architectural depth. Green inserts of the same material break up the solid coloring.

In the larger of the two buildings, three new mezzanines were added for added floor space. New kitchens on the ground floor of each building open to outdoor patios that sit on the periphery of the parking lot.