Yana Pierzchala, RA



“Create spaces that offer comfort and inspire celebration”

A native of the Soviet Union, Yana became fascinated with architecture when her family moved to the US. Her earliest memories are of the spaces she experienced growing up, and of how different American and Soviet environments were. Yana loves the diversity of the architectural process, from a loose sketch to a finished building. Striving to create spaces that offer comfort and inspire celebration, her interest lies in the most minute details and sensitive moves that evoke emotion. Having worked closely with interior designers, she is particularly versed in that aspect of the discipline.


  • B.S. in Architecture – Kent University
  • M.Arch. – Ohio State University


  • Awarded winner of the 2014 graduate thesis competition at Ohio State University by Henry Cobb of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, for her talk about voids in architecture.
  • Awarded the national Herman Miller Healthcare Scholarship in 2016, to attend the Healthcare Design Conference in Houston.

A lifelong animal lover, Yana has been vegan for 10 years. Her life goal is to own a house, convert it into a cat shelter, and take in hundreds of homeless cats. She is not ashamed of being a crazy cat lady.


310.838.8998 ext 251