Melissa Miller

Marketing Manager


Melissa Miller Header Photo

“An open exchange of ideas between artistic industries leads to a more holistic marketing approach.”

From an early age, Melissa was drawn to the intricacies that craft good design. She has immense respect for art forms across various industries and believes having an open exchange of ideas between them leads to a more holistic marketing approach. With a background in the fashion and beauty industries, she has cultivated an understanding of storytelling across numerous mediums, from words to graphics and photography to film. She enjoys translating the journey behind an end result – the inspirations, collaborations, and creative process. Melissa is passionate about the uniqueness of each opportunity and she finds the discovery period for a project to be the most exciting part. She joined Abramson Teiger Architects in 2015, where she currently splits her time between the administrative and marketing needs of the firm.


  • BA Business – New York University


  • Graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude
  • Graduated on the Dean’s List

Melissa’s passion for storytelling led her to become a complete film geek. She especially loves obscure dramatic foreign films. She is drawn to their sensibility for slice-of-life stories and enjoys a good old existential crisis. That being said, she appreciates a comedic laugh and hopes to retire as Larry David.


310.838.8998 ext 204