Arin Binnarh, LEED AP

Project Manager


Arin Binnarh Header Photo

“The process of creating architecture is both an art and a science, requiring a fine balance between aesthetics and functionality.”

Arin’s interest in architecture started at an early age. She fondly remembers drawing buildings in a notebook her mom carried to keep her occupied or playing amongst intriguing spaces and their changing shadows at her father’s office. Born in Chandigarh, India, a city planned by Le Corbusier, she found herself immersed in a world of architectural wonder. She chose to study at U.C. Berkeley to continue to surround herself with buildings designed by prominent architectural icons such as Julia Morgan, the first female to break into the industry. Arin is driven by her lifelong curiosity and interaction with space and form. Her childhood fascinations have evolved into a multi-faceted architectural practice. She believes the process of creating architecture is both an art and a science, requiring a fine balance between aesthetics and functionality. With over eight years of professional experience, Arin has honed her design and project management skills having worked for three topnotch architectural firms in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She has handled projects from conception through construction in a variety of architectural styles, including residences, retail spaces and restaurants. Arin joined Abramson Teiger Architects in 2015 and is managing design teams on high-end residential projects.


  • BA Architecture, Minor in City Planning – University of California, Berkeley
  • Project Management Certification – University of California Los Angeles Extension


  • Manager and participant in a LEED study group and IDP/ARE Resource Library
  • Organizer of Park(ing) Day design display in San Francisco – Sponsored by REBAR
  • Best of Show Award as a Team Member for a Sandcastle Competition – Sponsored by LEAP
  • Contestant of Sustainable Design Competition by the United States Green Building Council
  • Exhibitor at the UC Berkeley Honor Design Studio exhibition
  • Honorary Mention: International Design Competition “Designing for the 21st Century lll”

Arin is meticulous about details – she even perfected the process of opening a taco bell hot sauce packet (hint: it’s a semi-circle). A true perfectionist, she struggles with baking because she doesn’t believe in blindly following instructions without being able to improve on them first. Her ability to take things to the next level makes her a great architect, but a not-so-good chef.


310.838.8998 ext 203