Alessandro Ortiz

Job Captain


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“It is important to consider the effect you want architecture to have on people, whether they’re on the outside seeing it in the context of the area, or experiencing the inside.”

Alessandro is fascinated by the dual micro and macro aspects of architecture – specifically, the ability to focus in on a small detail then zooming out to see how all those individual pieces make up the whole.  This interest began at a young age, when he used Lego components to build toy cities.  His interest in architecture was shaped by this desire to understand mechanisms and discover how things work.  For this reason, he most enjoys seeing how the plans finally settle when everything works together to make that piece of architecture a reality.  With any project, architecture or otherwise, Alessandro considers the effect he wants it to have on people, no matter whether their vantage point is inside or outside of the space.  Inspiring emotions and affecting people through design is something he has studied throughout his education and professional career.  Prior to joining ATA, Alessandro worked on retail and tenant improvement projects at Montalba Architects in Santa Monica.  Some notable projects include the Westfield retail at the LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal as well as various Equinox locations in California.  He joined Abramson Teiger Architects in 2017.


  • B. Arch – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


  • Honorable mention from SuckerPUNCH
  • Published by B1 Magazine

Alessandro likes working on things and getting his hands dirty. He started building bicycles in college, and now enjoys working on his car. He loves to blast through the canyons or take a drive through the city at midnight. It is not because he is a speed demon, it’s just something about the noise and vibration, combined with precision and control, that is zen-like to him.


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