Bird’s Nest


Hollywood, CA
Creative Office
120,000 sq ft
In Design
Project Team
Trevor Abramson, FAIA
Douglas Teiger, AIA
Marco Marraccini, RA
Ryan Novi
Michael den Hartog

Layered Nests for Creative Interaction

The ATA team envisioned a creative office building that intuitively provided dedicated space for small group interaction. Inspired by the vision of scattered bird’s nests up in the trees, the resultant design features outcroppings that allow for private communication.

The linear facade and vertical glass panels pair with layered botanical balconies. Charcoal paneling is punctuated by concrete and white panel accents.

A cost-effective parking solution takes advantage of the ample height allowance in the property’s zoning parameters. Only one parking level is subterranean, while three remain above ground. Also on the ground level is retail, with four stories of office space on the floors above.